Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Paint Jute Bags and Fabric

Today hardly anybody would be unaware of jute bags and their benefits. Jute bags are available in different types of designs, sizes and colors. Similarly painted jute bags are also much sought by the people. By painting one can customize the jute bags as per their choice. But very few persons know how to paint jute bags. Below are some of the useful tips on how to paint bags and fabric made from jute, burlap or hemp.

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  •  I am assuming that you know all basic painting skills.
  • Use acrylic paint for painting jute fabric.
  • As jute is rough fiber so the bristles of the brush should be fairly stiff so that paint can be easily applied to the fabric.
  • As jute fabric is found in two forms i.e. loosely woven and close woven, so in case of loosely woven we should place cardboard beneath the fabric to protect the work area from getting painted too.
  • Use an ordinary razor to remove any loose fiber to make the surface smooth otherwise they will stick to your brush, and would make it difficult to have clean and even edges.
  • To get clean and even edges of letters, symbols and shapes use stencils.

Using the above mentioned tips you can paint jute bags and other jute products like wall hangings, pillow covers, table covers, promotional bags, shopping bags, gift bags, and other products. So go on and paint any picture, logo, symbol or theme of wedding, Christmas, Diwali, other festival, birthday, etc. on your favorite jute article to make them personalized and unique. Also visit us on G+.

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