Sunday, March 30, 2014

Varieties of Jute Made Products and Handicrafts

Jute is a 100 percent vegetable stuff which is totally biodegradable, this property makes it an environment friendly stuff. Due to its eco friendly nature the jute is used to make various types of goods and products to substitute other contemporary goods & products which are not eco friendly in nature. Due to increasing pollution level and global warming the need of eco friendly goods & products is imperative for us, and jute products are one of the such eco friendly products.

Jute manufacturers produce a large varieties of jute products for our various needs & requirements which can be used in our day to day life. Below are the some types of jute products available in the market:

Bags: In jute bags range there are different types of bags like travel bags, designer bags, fancy bags for ladies, school bags, bottle bags, beach bags, laptop bags, office bags, tote bags, and other bags. These bags are available in fancy & stylish looks.

Stationery Items: In jute stationery items there are jute folders, jute files, stationery organizer, magazine holder, newspaper holder, pen-pencil zippered pouch bags, pen-pencil stand, and other.

Apparels: In apparels one can find apparels for men, women, kids like pant, shirt, kurti, kurta, tunics, coat, blazer, and many other.

Carpets & Rugs: The carpets and rugs made from jute are not only fancy & natural in looks but are durable as well. Carpets & rugs of different sizes & shapes in beautiful designs and colors are available in the market.

Handicraft & Decorative Articles: The Indian handicrafts and decorative articles are liked across the globe. The jute adds more value to such jute handicrafts articles as they are eco friendly too. In this category there are wall hangings, chandeliers, picture frames, embroidered paintings on jute clothes, etc.

Footwear: In footwear range there are slippers, formal shoes, casual shoes, sandal, ladies footwear, baby shoes, etc. These footwear comes in fancy & stylish looks.

Furniture & Furnishing Goods: Jute product manufacturers produce a large varieties of furniture & furnishing articles like chairs, table, bed, portable bed, portable chair, hammocks, curtains, cushion covers, shoe rack, sofa, and other multipurpose furniture goods.

Fashion Accessories: In accessories one can buy necklace, wrist bands, fancy bangles, hair band, belts, wallets, clutch bags, and lot more.
Ropes: Ropes made from jute are available in various designs, strength, length, width, colors, etc.

Jute Cloth: Plain jute cloth is also sold by the manufacturers. Such plain jute cloth can be used for any purpose according to the requirements.
Apart from the above listed products there are many other types of jute products. Buying jute products is now not any difficult task as now you can buy them either from market or from any online store. To get information about jute products and their manufacturers, wholesale suppliers & exporters visit below website. Publisher of this post can be visit at G+.

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